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│ Description │
The "Mombrush" wireless device attaches to a toothbrush and uses various smart phone apps to encourage proper brushing behavior. The main purpose of Mombrush is educating right tooth brushing methods & changing tooth brushing habits of the all age groups by tooth brushing game. Mombrush system is composed of Mombrush which transmits tooth brushing motion data and brushed tooth location wirelessly and Mombrush Apps series.


│ Function │

  • It shows brushing the entire teeth in order and induces to brush the teeth without exception (instruction video for tooth brushing techniques appropriate to the situations for everyone from babies to adults).
  • It shows the standard method for brushing the teeth and induces a viewer to actually follow it
  • It provides evaluations of daily tooth brushing habits (it’s possible to check if the person brushes his or her teeth for the proper amount of time regularly every day).
  • It’s possible to compare tooth brushing habits with those of family members or friends (in case of using the same smart phone app).


│ Mombrush Series customized by user │

  • Mombrush Step 1 :Toothbrushing for the young children(5~7 years old)
    A tooth brushing method that brushes the teeth in circles using a toothbrush for younger children(for one’s method)
  • Mombrush Step 2 :Toothbrushing for children(8~9 years old)
    As an app that teaches the correct tooth brushing method, the teeth to be brushed are divided into 16 sections (16 sections rolling method)
  • Mombrush Step 3 :Toothbrushing for adults (9 years old ~)
    As a tooth brushing method recommended by public health centers and schools, it’s a simple and standardized method(24 sections rolling method)
  • Mombrush Step 4 :Toothbrushing for prevention of periodontal disease
    A tooth brushing method that can prevent periodontal diseases and is recommended most by dentists (modified bass method)
  • Mombrush Step 4 :Toothbrushing for teeth with braces
    A toothbrusing method for taking care of the teeth with braces

│ Feature │

  • Educates proper standard tooth brushing methods by showing 3D animation.
  • Gives real time feedback to the user during tooth brushing game.
  • Measures tooth brushing skill by detecting tooth brushing manners & locations.
  • Provides Each brushing analysis report, Daily report, Trend report automatically.
  • Posts your tooth brushing data automatically to your Facebook timeline.
  • Effectiveness of Mombrush is as follows;
  • Causing intense interest in the tooth brushing, playing game.
  • Learning right tooth brushing method watching 3D animation.
  • Measuring tooth brushing skill for giving personalized feedback.
  • Changing tooth brushing habits by 7 steps of habit modification.

│ Specification │



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